Nahid Speaks From The Heart

Silchester Estate in North Kensington faces the threat of regeneration at the hands of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. A long standing, established community in a beautifully designed and landscaped environment faces demolition to make way for a ‘conservation area of the future’.

Resident Nahid Ashby invites RBKC’s Cabinet to enjoy the natural beauties of Silchester now.



Silchester Regeneration. First Community Meeting

Silchester Regeneration. What does it mean for us?

RBKC has plans to regenerate the Silchester Estate in North Kensington. This could mean demolishing it all, including the tower blocks. Where would that leave the people who live here?

The residents held the first of three community meetings to learn from people who have faced the same situation in other parts of the borough?

Piers Thompson recapped the current situation. Eileen Short from Defend Council Housing explained what has happened elsewhere.


Silchester estate residents claim regeneration will force them out

A nice piece from Henry Tobias Jones on (14 April 2016), that outlines our argument with the RBKC and counters some their negative propaganda about our estate.

Residents of North Kensington’s Silchester Estate have accused the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea of “socially cleansing” the neighbourhood, after “regeneration” plans were proposed which could see most of the estate demolished…

…Jo Poole, secretary of the Silchester Residents Association, invited KCW Today into her family home to demonstrate that, contrary to what the council had told residents, the Silchester properties are not in a state of disrepair. She adds the regeneration project is “an enormous, and massively destructive” option which is “entirely unnecessary”…

…“It’s not a sink estate”, she says, “it’s really lovely, and it has a really strong community which is great for families.” Joining Poole, was her young son who, throughout much of our conversation, was eager to play in the community playground which is at the heart of the estate’s leafy gardens…

See article here.